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Having a wide expanse of Masters, that cover such an expansive range of Martial disciplines, the AOA is equipped to serve as a One Stop Shop for all martial concerns. The relationships we have formed with the various masters of the above-mentioned arts is the foundation of the AOA Program. 

We intend to serve as an Umbrella Organization, that will allow not only the at-risk participants involved in the many Crisis Management Programs to have access to free, high-level training with veteran martial arts masters, but we will also extend this access to the Crisis Management community and the general communities that they/we serve.

The Participants will not only have access to a variety of disciplines and instructors but will also be afforded the opportunity to receive anywhere from BASIC MARTIAL TRAINING to the pursuit of its highest levels:

  1. Black Belt Certification 

  2. Career as an Instructor/Trainer


Crisis Management Staff and Workforce will have the opportunity to utilize our professionals in order to enhance their effectiveness on the job, learning the valued principals of:

  • De-escalation

  • Body positioning & Movement

  • Weapons 

  • Disarming

  • Restraining 

  • Subduing.

  • The Community will also have access to our cadre of instructors via community events:

  • Demonstrations 

  • Workshops 

  • Seminars

  • Classes

  • Apprenticeships


Therefore, the AOA Program is not your average Karate or Self Defense Class/Program; The AOA represents ACCESS, access to the full scope of the martial world that our community has never had. 

First, the instructors would be paid by The AOA and therefore the financial barriers that limit access will be removed. We will also offer scholarships to those seeking to extend their learning under a specific Teacher and System of their choice.

We have selected the very best and the most capable instructors to fill our ranks; our Professionals have been chosen -among other things- for their ability to simplify  the more complicated aspects of Self Defense. 

Our sessions are constructed in a manner that will facilitate quick and easy learning so  that each participant will walk away having learned valuable principles and techniques that they can to their way of life.


                                      OUR NAME


We have named our program The Arts of Advantage because there is an unseen and unrecognized connection between Martial Artist and the gun/gang culture we are experiencing. That overlooked connection is what we call The Original Intent, meaning that the reasons why one, at some point in their life, decides to pick up and carry a weapon (or to join a gang) is the same reason why one, at some point in their life, decides to study and learn a martial art: both seeking something that would give them an advantage in life.


They are both seeking an EDGE -or a WAY- of confronting Life's many aggressions. 

That connection, we believe, opens up a door -a door of understanding- and it is through that door that a dialogue -between the martial arts mentor and the youth- can occur.   

In order to capitalize on this connection, all the martial artist under the AOA umbrella, will receive mentoring training that will add yet another layer to their effectiveness and credibility. 

So this marriage between the world of Crisis Management/Cure Violence and the Martial Art Masters (living in the very communities we seek to CURE and MANAGE) are a perfect fit in the fight to curb violence and provide mentorship to our youth. 

                                            GOALS AND OBJECTIVES
The AOA seeks to remove the business as usual barrier from martial arts training by paying the instructors ourselves and thus making them and (their expertise) available to our community.

We will also provide scholarships that will enable those seeking to pursue further training, or perhaps a martial arts career. These scholarships will allow the individuals to choose one of the Masters within our network and then register as an official students at their respective Dojos. This allows the student to no longer be hindered by financial restrictions  while compensating the Instructor for their instruction.


Qualified instructors, that fit our model, will continue to be sought out and enrolled. 


Many (if not all) of our instructors are from the very communities that we serve and most have been involved with the same issues we are attempting to address (crime, gangs, drugs, prison etc.), therefore, our Masters and Grandmasters will also serve as Credible Messengers of a different sort; their backgrounds, history and connection to the community provides an obvious degree  of credibility but their martial prowess adds an additional layer that is often missing in the work youth mentoring and community mobilization.


Studies have shown that certain community based work assignments are more dangerous than actual police work. Working without the backing of the police department (along with the heavy artillery at their deposal) those that labor within the field of  Crisis Management often find themselves in dangerous circumstances without the training to see themselves through. Therefore, the AoA offers a specialized training specifically designed to introduce staff members to effective principles of:

  • De-escalation

  • Body positioning & Movement

  • Weapon Disarming

  • Limb Manipulation & Restraining

  • Subduing

  • Executive Protection

  • Crowd Control.


Over the years, martial arts has become big business, as a result, martial training has moved out of the reach of many within our community. Unable, or unwilling to pay for years of training, many have decided to forgo martial arts training altogether. 

In an attempt to correct this issue, and reintroduce martial arts to the community, The AoA has brought together some of the cities best fight technicians that will provide Seminars, workshops and exhibitions at no cost the community. Sessions specifically designed for women, young children and teens facing bullying and gangs pressures.

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