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HandCrafted Toykas

Created by Professor Marvin Gatling, to build GENUINE STRENGTH, by developing BONE ALIGNMENT & STRUCTURAL COORDINATION,  working not only the major muscles but also the smaller ('helper') muscles along with the tendons and ligaments.

The Toyka ('The Toy' or  'The Apparatus') originally created by former Green Beret and Martial Artist Professor Marvin Gatling ('Harlem's Strong Man') was designed to unlock the hidden strength that sits within us all. 


Containing the elements of Isometric as well as Isotonic exercises, The Toy is foundated on the structural concept of "Continuous Tension and Discontinuous Compression", which is the formula that enables our muscles and bones to function as one. 


Toyka training develops: Bone Alignment, Strengthens not only the major muscles, but also the smaller 'helper muscles', tendons and ligaments that are usually not activated in traditional exercises and workouts. 


Each Toyka, offered by ThinmannVentures , is handcrafted and made of wood. Custom orders accepted.

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